Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions

Can I find out what school district posted the job?

School districts decide whether or not to list their names. If it is not listed, we will not release it.

Why can't I express an interest in a job posted?

The most common reasons you cannot apply for a posted position are listed below:

  1. You may have "excluded" the district from seeing your application - Log in to your application and check section 5 to see if you excluded a district. If you did exclude any district, change your response, click save to change your online application, and then reapply for the position.
  2. You have already applied for that position (they system will not let you apply more than once for any one position).

Certificated Applicants only:
  1. Your certification is not an "exact" match - Certifications must match exactly. If the posting says "ALL" of the following certifications are required, you must posses all that are listed in order to apply.
  2. You did not choose a certification area on the application - Log in to your application and make sure you have correctly selected the certification(s) that are on your PA certificate.

However, if none of the above apply, please email us at and send a detailed email that includes your name, last 4 digits of your social security number, the job number and a brief description of the problem.
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