is an online clearinghouse designed to improve the application process and assist in the job search of professional school employees interested in working within Pennsylvania.

Educators, administrators, office personnel, education majors, custodians, paraprofessionals, and more can use to search and apply for positions within Pennsylvania School Districts, Intermediate Units, Private Academic Schools, and Charter Schools.  Participating organizations use to post jobs and/or search our database for applicants who meet their specific criteria.

Our two-phase process includes completing an electronic version of the Standard Application for Teaching Positions in Pennsylvania Public Schools and uploading the required documents to for Cerificated Applicants.  For Non-certificated Applicants, our process includes completing an electronic application and adding their resume and letter of interest., a clearinghouse created to assist school districts in hiring teacher candidates in Western Pennsylvania, became operational in March 1999. The Allegheny Intermediate Unit led a group of intermediate units, school districts, colleges and universities, and other organizations in the creation of this innovative program.

The program expanded in July of 2000 to include interested school districts and intermediate units throughout the Commonwealth who pay a modest annual fee to use the system. Use of this innovative web site is free to applicants. This project is owned and coordinated by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit and was originally funded by grants from The Grable Foundation, Richard King Mellon Foundation, the Vira I. Heinz Endowment, and the Buhl Foundation.’s Mission is an online clearinghouse designed to improve the application process for Pennsylvania certificated and non-certificated professional school applicants interested in working in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.   School administrators find applicants by posting jobs on the website to which applicants are able to send their application and credentials instantly to the interested administrators.  School administrators can also search the database using specific criteria such as certification area(s), minimum GPA, years of experience, degree level, complete file, etc., to find the best available candidates.


  • Educators, administrators, education majors, custodians, office personnel, counselors, school nurses, and other Pennsylvania certified and non-certified education professionals: Make your application and credentials available to more than 200 Pennsylvania school districts, intermediate units, private academic schools, and charter schools and apply for jobs via the Job Opportunities link on the website.
  • School Districts, Intermediate Units, Private Academic Schools, and Charter Schools who are spending large amounts of time and money recruiting and hiring employees: Putting to work for your organization to significantly reduce the costs of recruiting, maintaining applicant files, and screening qualified candidates.
Members: 200+
Applicants: 88097
Number of jobs posted: 33214
Established: 1999
Parent Company: AIU3
Location: Homestead, PA
Cost to Applicants: Free
*data current as of 5/24/2022
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